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5 Gallon Plastic Bucket Food Grade Storage Pail - White

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5 Gallon Plastic Bucket Food Grade Storage Pail - White

The 5 gallon plastic bucket and food storage pails that we sale are available in many color options. These five plastic buckets are the best choice FDA approved plastic buckets for sale to use for your food storage containers, emergency supply storage containers, bulk food storage buckets and food storage pails. We have easy access gamma seal screw top plastic bucket lids that convert these buckets to a weatherproof, watertight storage container. We also offer standard watertight snap on bucket lids that are great for long term storage and for use with our five gallon plastic buckets and food grade storage pails. Our buckets and pails come with handles for ease in carrying.

Not your average big box store bucket!

These are FDA approved (except for black) and can be sterilized and frozen without adverse effects!

BPA-Free Plastic

Excellent disaster preparedness item!

Colored leakproof and airtight. These plastic storage buckets and pails are great for packing equipment, emergency supplies & food storage products. Color code your storage. Sturdy, long wearing, reinforced ribs. Uniform wall thickness, tapered design for maximum storage. Will withstand 190F, sterilized or frozen. 5 gallon size.

5 gallon buckets have a huge list of uses: fishing, gardening, food storage, tool storage, interim toilet, etc.

These pails are tough enough to store nails and secure enough to protect contents. Strong reinforcing ribs guarantee that they keep their shape. Made with a tapered design, pails nest to save space, and they separate easily.

Pails and lids are made of high-density polyethylene and meet NMFC, FDA and UFC requirements (except for black pails and covers and both snap on lids) Container and cover can be hot filled up to 190 F, steam sterilized and frozen. All pails have a sturdy wire bail with a plastic handgrip. Bucket measurements are as follows, 11.91" dia. x 14.50" high x 10.33" dia. at the bottom. Not UN or DOT approved for shipping unpackaged - for storage only. The wall thickness is .090" +/- .005".

Why BPA Free?

Bisphenol-A is a hormone-disrupting chemical considered to be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. This chemical has been known to leach into liquids and food products. These containers are BPA Free!

Available in 8 Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Black, Gray, White.

High density polyethylene. Full pails with lids, when stacking, will withstand 300lbs. weight equally distributed. Easy carry handle.

Meets FDA requirements.

Pail Size: 11-1/4"D x 14-1/8" H x 10.33" dia. at bottom

Bucket Lid Sold Separately.


Our colored buckets and pails are great for separating your storable goods by color, each may be labeled or written on by using a permanent marker.


Black buckets are great for acquiring warm water in a campsite. Their black color will absord the solar heat of the day from the sun and provide warm water for bathing, dishwashing, handwashing, etc.

In the event of a disaster any of these pails can be lined with our heavy-duty plastic toilet bags and our snap-on toilet seat and used as an interim portable toilet, porta potty! See our sanitation section for these items.


Freeze dried food pouches (Emergency food supply) Sanitation supplies (Rolls of tissues, diapers and plastic bags) Pet food (Emergency Back-up) Medical Supplies (Waterproof Container) Use as emergency porta potty (See our sanitatiion Section) Emergency supplies, Food, water, radio, batteries, etc.

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