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C Cell NiMH High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

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Item #:R6S3LEB2

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C Size Batteries SUPER POWER 3300ma

Non-Memory Rechargeable Batteries

With Over TWICE the power of Other Cells!

Normal rechargeable batteries have a memory (meaning, they must be fully discharged before they can be recharged). For example, if they have 90% of a full charge and you recharge them, they will lose 90% of their ability to charge--leaving only 10%. So, most people do not recharge them properly; thereby, ruining expensive rechargeable batteries. Metal Non-Leak Yellow Coated Jacket. Single battery

NO MORE with these Super Cells. These remarkable long lasting 3300ma batteries do not have to be discharged before you recharge them. They are especially handy for Solar Battery Chargers because you should take advantage of the sun when it is convenient for you--not when you run out of power. Priced at one battery per order, order several to have around just in case!

We offer rechargeable Batteries and solar Chargers that use rechargeable batteries for your favorite electronics like digital cameras, MP3 players, or your battery hungry high drain devices like RC cars etc will save you lot of money and deliver better performace. Compared to regular throw-away alkaline batteries, rechargeable can last longer and maintain better performance for longer usage. Our non-memory rechargeable batteries deliver high capacity without memory effects of previous NiCd batteries. The rechargeable batteries on this site are of the same quality standard as other expensive brands.

We offer these rechargeable batteries at a price close to throw away pricy alkaline batteries. But they can be used hundreds of times over. Our solar battery chargers are made by the world top charger manufacturers. Use the chargers at home or in travel, it provides you the unlimited supply of battery power at much lower cost of ownership for your digital cameras, MP3 players, and other electronics. You can now take as many pictures as you like with your digital cameras using rechargeable batteries.

We offer AAA, AA, C, and D cell rechargeable batteries to meet your battery needs. Our rechargeable batteries are designed to offer you even bigger savings when you buy batteries to charge over and over again in the free sunlight. You can save yourself money and your environment around you by using non-memory rechargeable batteries. Our battery chargers are manufactured with the best technology and highest standard of quality control. Power your favorite electronics like digital cameras, DVD players, MPS players, and your RC toys and hobbies with our non-memory rechargeable batteries.

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