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Fast Shipping!
Most orders ship within 24 hrs.
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New Child Sized Israeli Gas Mask

Price: $49.00

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Most orders ship within 24 hours

Product Description

New Child Sized Israeli Gas Mask

Fits most children age 5 to teenager. Uses standard NATO filter as adult size. Replacement filter shown below.

Issued by the Israeli government to protect citizens of Israel from terrorist attacks. This item is regarded as the benchmark gas mask for civilian protection. This mask is intended for use during the EVACUATION from a contaminated area. Mask will filter out All Nuclear, Biological (Anthrax and Small Pox) and Chemical Agents. Comes with NBC filter. Filters last up to 8 hours depending on level of contamination. NEW. NATO Approved.

These high quality masks are designed to protect from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) agents.
Each mask includes one sealed filter canister, the standard NATO thread (40mm x 1/7").
Filter Must be changed every 6-8 hours when in use.
Lightweight, all rubber mask is designed for extended use.
Adjustable straps for secure seal.
Designed for fast and easy donning in an emergency.
Large impact resistant Plexiglas eyeholes for wide field of view.
Clear lenses for good visibility.
This mask is intended expressly for use during the evacuation of a contaminated area. (For this reason, there is no drinking straw attachment).
Protects against all known chemical and biological agents. Meets or exceeds Israeli Army and U.S. Army C2 Filter requirements.

These masks are sold as NEW but are classified as military surplus and in new condition. Safety Central offers to sell these items with No Claims or Warranties Given. Any use of such items are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.