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Fast Shipping!
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Portable Battery Powered Camp Shower By Zodi

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Product Description


This self-contained portable battery powered hand washer and personal camp shower sets up in seconds and is ideal for rinsing dishes, cleaning up, showers and more. Enjoy a portable shower anytime, anywhere!

Enjoy the comfort of hot showers anytime anywhere. Portable and self-contained, this Portable Battery Powered Camp Shower is one of our most popular showers. Equipped with a flow control, this Portable Battery Powered Camp Shower provides pressurized water in just seconds. The powerful water pump delivers great water pressure (requires 4 ''D'' cell batteries). This Battery Powered Camp Shower is great for family camping.

Enjoy the relaxation of a pressurized shower on your next outdoor adventure. The battery powered Shower provides full-on spray. Submerge the water suction unit, hit the switch and streams of water rinse trail dirt away, power clean your camp pots & pans, dishes, pets. Powered by 4 D-size batteries (sold separately).

A portable shower provides a refreshing relief when camping, fishing, surfing, hiking, outdoor adventures, off-road, contruction work, expeditions, etc. Lightweight camping shower will offer an outdoor shower anytime, anywhere!

Refreshing Hot Shower - By Battery Power!

Most campers, hikers and travelers enjoy hot showers wherever one is available, these portable, packable battery powered showers are the best solution. If you plan to use cold river water or cold campsite water, just fill a container and place it in the sun for a few hours, if sun power is not available simply heat some water on camp fire till heated to your preference, than remove from fire - place the suction end of our battery powered shower unit in the container, turn unit on for a refreshing hot shower to remove the end of day outdoor grime.

Great water pressure for:

Camping Shower
Cleaning Dishes & Pets
8' long hose
Water Pump with Debris Filter
Waterproof Battery Case
Shower Head with On/Off Control
Requires 4 "D" cell batteries (Not Included)
Compact & Lightweight Design